“The voice is important and you can hear it if it’s beautiful or not.” The voice is a
gift of god and what’s the use if you are not able to take care of it. Voice gives
you the personality, the most common example is of Amitabh
Bachchan!! Don’t you recognize him by his voice? And that’s because it’s become part of
his personality. How do we take care of this precious voice?
Prevention is always better than cure especially in case of voice users, and how do we do it ?
Putting the best voice forward exactly means taking care of your voice, doing the correct things to keep our voice healthy and not really taking it for granted.

Doing what’s necessary,
 Drink plenty of water, at least 6 to 8 glasses of water/day.
 Healthy Diet
 No Clearing of throat, rather have a sip of water
 Speak Softly
 Vocal Naps or voice rest several times in a day
 Vocal warm-ups prior to speaking, singing or talking.
 Neck Exercises
 Proper Posture
 Whistle, clap in noisy surrounding.
 Speak slowly and take pauses while speaking for a long time.
 Abdominal breathing
 Speak at the natural pitch .
 Vocal exercises
 Proper training with a singing teacher
 Voice projection, with the use of microphone, facing the people you are
talking to.
 Aware of signs of vocal fatigue
 Consult a Doctor when you experience discomfort in the throat or
change of voice.
 Treat Allergies and Infections immediately.
 Avoid self-medication. nidcd.nih.gov/…lth/taking-care-your-voice

For getting your voice right connect with your voice doctor, who is medically called as a laryngologist ,someone who is specialized in treating voice issues, especially if you
are a professional voice user!!!

Go through the video for simple voice care facts.



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