Ear Surgeries


To repair the eardrum which is damaged due to recurrent infections


To reconstruct the bones of hearing which are destroyed due to infections.


 When due to recurrent infections of the ear,the bone of the ear gets destroyed slowly
destroying the normal structure. The disease is called cholesteatoma


The smallest bone of the body called stapes gets fixed leading to hearing loss which is
replaced with an implant called piston.

Nose Surgeries


Is done to correct the centre partition of the nose called septum, if its causing blockage. It is
done in a conventional way or endoscopically


 Functional endoscopic Sinus surgery , is to treat the conditions of the sinuses like Polyps. The
surgery is done with the help of endoscope.

Throat Surgeries


To remove tonsils if there are recurrent infections. It is done either conventionally or
with the help of co- ablation.


The lymphoid tissue behind the nose gets enlarged leading to recurrent cold, mouth breathing, snoring, etc, mostly affects the kids. Co ablation-assisted adenoidectomy is done and under vision vis-à-vis conventional method.